Many artists struggle to possess one. Nick Javas encompasses all three.

From touring the world with the legendary DJ Premier to critically-acclaimed success through his clever and unique fusion of sports and Hip Hop, Javas never forgot where he came from. ​Whether international scene or TV screen, his heart remains in Union, NJ.

Change is good, growth is better; but neither should occur without staying true to self. By following this mantra, Javas has not only refused to compromise his artistic integrity, but managed to create a lane for himself that is 100% original, 100% authentic, and 100% Nick Javas.

Listen to Victory by Nick Javas
(feat. Fingazz Produced by Gabriel Messuti)

Sports + Hip Hop


MLB 2017 Mid-Season Rhyme Reel


It seems like last week it was pitchers and catchers
In a flash it’s the mid summer classic
Some are risin’, some are slidin’
Some are hidin’, all summer lookin’ for disguises

If you’re lookin’ for surprises, well
Scouting report said they might excel
They need time to mature, let ’em grow up
Well who knew that the bomb squad would show up

Get a load of Cody in Cali, he’s unloadin’ the mallet
Talkin’ Bellinger, that’s a hell of talent
Who boasts the most? Let’s go coast to coast
To the right side, that’s a new pinstripe size

The big fella, yeah the 6’8 one
99 problems, a Judge ain’t one
Should we send him back down?? Give the kid a stroke
Ey coach, gonna need a bigger boat!

But it wasn’t just them (just them)
Jack moves with a hundred plus friends (plus friends)
And that June as we come to month’s end (month’s end)
A league record of home runs hit (How many??)

One thousand seventy in one month, What?!
Sorry pitch, that’s a punch to the gut
Speaking of punches, I won’t go there
You know, the epic battle of flowing hair?

Feisty Bryce, that right porch is nice
Opening day jacks, 3 more than twice
Number 5, one of the best pros
(The Machine) Grand Slam for number Seiscientos

Movin’ on to the D side
Gold glove from the west to east side
Don’t hit it to B-A-E-Z side
All you get, Mr. Met, is a peace sign

Like Turner throws up…burnin’ foes up
Stolen bases? 35’s amazin’
And how bout Scooter the moon shooter? REALLY??
5’10 with 4 Jacks?! SILLY

This is not pottery, don’t play with Clay
Kershaw’s the lottery, hope fades away
(I mean, Could ya hit?) It could happen
But he already got 12 wins, we’re only a half in!

Unfair…and he’s not the only gun there
9 and 0 with earned runs under one pair??
It’s all good in the Wood, on an uptick
Mike Trout…lights out ’til the thumb trick

5 tools combined in one man
And honestly, he’d probably do it with one hand
2 years back, leadin’ off with a jack
From the looks of it, Springer and Rizzo remember that

A knack for that first at bat, you heard a crack
But you didn’t see it live, you were stuck in the beer line
Understandable, but instead of “can I see ID?”
Maybe next time V-EYE-P

One time for Jeter and Big Papi
2 and 3-4 will no more be copied
Covfeef? Last but not least
To JF, may you rest in Peace